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Viking Civil Engineering Cardiff

We pride ourselves on our cost-effective approaches to engineering projects, as well as our professional yet friendly nature that allows us to provide a personalised service to all of our clients. We understand the difficulties that can be faced when undertaking large engineering projects, and so we have developed sub-divisions within the company that allow our engineers to carry out the work for which they are best suited, giving you the highest quality results with every project. We always aim to work with our clients directly on a regular basis to make sure that we facilitate their every need in an ever-changing landscape.

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Viking Civil Engineering

We offer a wide range of services, and we have specialised teams of engineers in place to ensure that each service is carried out to the very highest standards. We operate to high levels of quality control and implement vigorous safety procedures upon ourselves to ensure we meet the most demanding standards of all our clients. We undertake concrete, reinforcement and formworks for a range of different builds, as well as provide full surveying of sites before construction begins. We utilise modern technology within our planning services, and we can use CAD modelling to refine every stage of the process, ensuring viability before construction. We can provide professional site engineers for every project, to make sure that we carry out each phase of the project to your specific requirements. All of our engineering teams work closely with each other to offer an effective and well-rounded civil engineering service every time.

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